What is hypnotherapy

Yildiz Sethi

What is hypnotherapy?

You know some days you are driving along and you don’t remember going past the shops or stopping at a traffic?

You were probably in a slight trance.

This is the kind of mild trance we might use when we do hypnotherapy. You are still aware of everything around you. A trance is a form of hypnosis.

What is hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy as the name might suggest is a form of therapeutic approach that might be used with you while you ae in a hypnotic trance.

You can consider the mind is divided into two parts the conscious and the unconscious. The conscious mind looks after your day-to-day choices and decisions – like where shall I go to lunch? Choices you are aware of. This is only around 10% of your mind.

The rest is said to be unconscious and sits largely out of view. Much like an iceberg with 10% above water and the main body of it under the surface.

So what does the unconscious mind do? Well, it looks after your bodily functions automatically – e.g. you don’t have to worry about reminding yourself to breathe.

The unconscious mind is also a great store of all your memories and past experiences. These experiences remember everything, important and non-important details.  The unconscious mind also holds repressed feelings and thoughts that are frequently the source of problems in daily life. However, this repressed material often becomes the source of blocks that stop you doing what you want to do such as fulfilling your goals. It is trying to protect you from being hurt and disappointed.

How do you access the unconscious mind

So, the problem we may consider is- how do you get the unconscious mind on your side? Remember, it is 90% of your brain.

Getting the unconscious brain and the conscious brain working together would be awesome.

This is where hypnotherapy comes in. The hypnotherapist is able to make suggestions to the unconscious mind to make deep changes so that your feeling and behaviours can change for the better.

Details of our Hypnotherapy course

If you think you would like to become a Hypnotherapist then look at our training course page https://brisbanehypnotherapy.com/hypnotherapy-diploma/

We teach basic and advanced techniques in our Hypnotherapy course to help you to handle the different issues that your clients could come with.

This is a course on advanced hypnotherapy:

This is Emotional Mind Integration (EMI) – it is an advanced and therapeutic process:

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