Trauma does not have to last a lifetime. Recovery is here

Recovery from Trauma is possible with cutting edge of advanced hypnotherapy in only a few sessions. Yildiz is not only trauma informed but also trauma skilled

“Trauma may occur on a continuum from troubling emotional disturbances to extreme assaults on the mental, emotional, neural or body systems. As previously stated, Franz Ruppert, in his book, Trauma, Bonding & Family Constellations (2008), makes the point that there is a natural movement to complete the fight-or-flight response of the original traumatic situation that, in the case of those who are suffering from it, has often been interrupted.

If this cannot be completed at the time of the event, the trauma often remains in the body as an interrupted movement or disturbance that may be felt as an underlying anxiety. This may manifest as a mental health disorder, behaviour or disease. From a RCH perspective, trauma may be treated as individual or systemic.

This means that the trauma may have taken place in the life of the person or in the previous generations of the family system, as previously discussed. If the trauma is systemic, the disturbances may remain in the family system until they can be dealt with appropriately from a FC perspective.

However, if the trauma took place in the life of the person, then EMI may be a more appropriate approach.” From Rapid Core Healing Yildiz Sethi 2016 Details

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This means that trauma may be what is left over from an accident or shock or from a physical or sexual attack or war. Interestingly trauma may also be caused through childhood events or anything that caused shame, intimidation, guilt, helplessness or hopelessness. To a child such incidences may be experienced as traumatic and may leave a deep emotional scar that may be triggered by everyday situations.

The good news is that the brain has been found by neuroscience to be neuroplastic and capable of rewiring and healing. In addition epigenetics is showing that generational trauma may be released by appropriate therapeutic processes and that DNA may be turned on or off by the environment. So be releasing or reducing stress, intense emotions and trauma in the body can have a highly positive effect on mental and physical health.

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Trauma recovery

Trauma recovery