Trauma Informed training

Trauma Informed training

Have you ever wanted to become a trauma informed therapist but found it too daunting?

Well, Yildiz has developed processes which are new and using best of existing processes to help you become a trauma informed therapist in the shortest time possible  (as short as 6 months). You can be:

  • an existing therapist and add new tools to your practice
  • you can have a sea change in your career – we will teach you

Trauma Informed training

How does Yildiz do this training?


Yildiz is an ex-physics teacher and used to teach at ACAP. She has a Masters in Counselling. She has 22 years of practical experience. Yildiz can teach you “bedside manner” on how to help clients overcome their issues. This is a “HOW to” course

Her process to enable you to become a trauma informed therapist is:

  • Learn from webinars, reading PDFs and the course book
  • Answer questions so that you have learnt the salient points of the lesson
  • Face to Face (via zoom) – 5 days to learn practical points, demonstrations and supervised practice
  • Assignment on practicing with 4 people.  These assignments are marked to enhance your techniques on improving your practice
  • Online supervision after the course to continue your learning
  • Certificated Training
  • Certificate provided so that you can take out insurance and register
  • You can start practicing straight away – because this is a “How to” course
  • Teach you how to run the processes online – so that you can have clients from all over
  • Your name can be added to Yildiz’s list of people trained by her on her website



– this is not just a Trauma Informed training BUT is also a Trauma Skilled training to aid Trauma Recovery.

You are not only going to help them with their Trauma but you are also going to help them with Trauma Recovery. Trauma Recovery quickly so that they are “not just surviving but thriving”

  • You learn about trauma AND
  • You help clients to overcome trauma in a gentle, safe and quick way

The processes are tried and tested.

ArTrauma Informed traininge you looking for a therapist for private sessions, workshops and  training that:

  • Goes beyond the ordinary
  • Offers you a Point of Difference
  • Delivers excepțional personal and professional development
  • Replicable process
  • Eficient
“I can highly recommend Yildiz and family constellation as an effective and easy way to resolve past traumas in one’s own life. Family constellation caters for all experience levels from first time goer to professional and the naturalness of the practice makes it a powerful tool for recovery and self actualisation.” James,  Melbourne

“I had been working with a client of mine on and off for years who was so stuck. I am so relieved that after my EMI training I was able to help him finally resolve his issue in one session. What a gift.”

Trauma Informed training


Trauma Informed training

Trauma Informed training with Yildiz’s set of tools.
She offers training to help other professionals achieve the success she does with her clients.
Trauma may range from light to extreme. Deals with:
  • from disturbances
  • conflicts
  • emotional triggers
  • anxiety
  • panic attacks
  • to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
Our trauma therapy techniques using techniques that do not re-traumatise the client.
This is not the case for current trauma treatment techniques. That is a traumatised client does not need to talk/recount about his/her experience to resolve it.
Trauma occurs due to its overwhelming and often threatening nature.
Re-visiting the trauma often opens up the trauma and does not resolve it.
Our belief is that the trauma should be resolved – not managed. We have cutting edge tools to do this in a safe, efficient way


Neuroscience and re-wiring the brain

Neuroscience has discovered that the brain is not hard wired. It can change by using
drug free treatments, like:
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Emotional Mind Integration (EMI)
  • Family Constellations (FC)
are perfect for making the changes.

Trauma Informed training

Comprehensive Trauma Therapy training within 6 months to become a trauma therapist. Fully Certificated training.

Trauma is often the cause of many dysfunctions:

Mental health, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, substance abuse.

Sexual Abuse is a toxic trauma that lies in the mind and body.

In my practice over many years once the trauma is released a lot of the symptoms disappear and what is left is more easy to work with using normal counselling techniques.  

Deep Beliefs and Emotions

Changes that involve deeply held beliefs or emotions are hard to move by will and determination alone. Change these beliefs by using:
  • a hypnotherapist Or
  • new trauma technique therapy treatments

Neuroscience has discovered that the brain is not hard wired. It can change. Treating with hypnotherapy is perfect for making the changes that you want to make. Changes that involve deeply held beliefs or emotions that are hard to move by will alone. No matter how determined. A a good hypnotherapist can help because you need to access the unconscious mind.

Learning these techniques results in a lot of personal development. You will experience these techniques as you are learning and practicing.

Call me for a chat to see if what I offer is right for you and your practice.

“Yildiz’s EMI therapy is truly revolutionary- it will change the way trauma is resolved. Her training is as effective as the EMI method. Very transformational. Yildiz is a highly skilled teacher who delivers a wonderfully empowering week of training.”
~ Melissa Stinson coach and Family Constellations facilitator

Trauma Therapy training

Trauma Informed training

This is about certificate training. If you are interested in becoming a Trauma Informed therapist or want to add to your toolset then read on…………

Upcoming Training Dates

  • Systemic Family Constellations6/6/22 – 22/8/22  Details
  • Emotional Mind Integration 29 Aug – 24 Oct  Details

New more effective Trauma Therapy training approaches are SAFE

Trauma  therapy training approaches are required that accurately access the original trauma safely. They need to process it quickly and without re-traumitisation.

Learning these techniques results in a lot of personal development. You will experience these techniques as you are learning and practicing.

Call me for a chat to see if what I offer is right for you and your practice.

Trauma Therapy training

Making you aware that there are two different types of trauma and two techniques:

  • Generational trauma resolved with Family Constellations.
  • personal trauma resolved with Emotional Mind Integration (EMI)
Trauma Informed training
Trauma Informed training
Trauma Informed training
Trauma Therapy training

Trauma may be divided in two main types:

  1. Those formed in the Biography of life. Due to difficult, upsetting, shocking or life threatening situations.  Stored in the personal unconscious mind
  2. Those that we are born into from our family system. Stored in the generational unconscious memory. Research through epigenetics is showing how we inherit much more than DNA HERE

We inherit feelings, memories, patterns and much more.

I have been working in this area of trauma for over twenty years. In response to what clients bought, I have sourced and developed ways of working with each type of trauma.

Techniques which are:

1 Trauma Informed and

2 Trauma Skilled in fast and effectively helping with trauma recovery

“I had done so much training and higher education and yet still felt lost in how to assist many of my clients with complex issues. Since training with Yildiz, I am amazed to find that I am using Rapid Core Shift as my base model and really enjoying my work and seeing the results and transformations. It has dramatically changed the way I work and turned my business around. I highly recommend it.”

J Fallow (Psychotherapist of 25 years)

The techniques I use (and teach) are:

  • Systemic Family Constellations founded by Bert Hellinger
  • Emotional Mind Integration™ founded by me (Yildiz)

I generally use:

  • Systemic Family Constellations for Generational trauma
  • Emotional Mind Integration for Personal trauma
I use Family Constellations for sexual abuse and trauma: Family Constellations training for recovery from sexual abuse and trauma
Family Constellations trauma therapy and examples: Trauma and Family Constellations | Family Constellations
Both methods require anything from 1, 3 or 5 sessions per issue. NOT months or YEARS to resolve.

Trauma Therapy training -generational

Many people report that they have always having felt the feelings of:
  • guilt
  • shame
  • fear
  • anxiety or
  • trauma
Client is able to identify such feelings in their parents’ or grandparents’ situations. Others may not know of history what happened.  But the issues, disturbances, behaviour or trauma persist.
Many clients have come from people who have experienced:
  • war
  • injustice
  • genocide
  • famine or
  • family tragedies
These may be passed on in transgenerational trauma.

Trauma Therapy generational is available through:

  • Hypnosis
  • Emotional Mind Integration
  • Family Constellations
  • Rapid Core Shift

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trauma therapy training

Trauma Therapy training

Complete a comprehensive set of courses which will train you to be a Trauma Therapist within six months.

Trauma Therapy training

In these cases we use Rapid Core Shift.

A combination of:

  • Family Constellations
  • Emotional Mind Integration
Using this combination allows us to assist the client in releasing the trauma. Allows client to move on into the future in a lighter way with more freedom.
Clients can do Family Constellations:

Clients can do Emotional Mind Integration in private sessions in person or online

Here is a video to watch:

How to engage with Emotional Mind Integration & Family Constellations Trauma Therapy training and private sessions

Becoming a trauma treatment therapist (