Sexual Abuse

Recovery From Sexual Abuse

Recovery from sexual abuse at Brisbane hypnotherapy
for effective change

There is recovery from sexual abuse through Hypnosis, EMI and RCS in Brisbane with Yildiz as she is trauma informed and skilled in helping you in recovery

There are many people who are suffering from the trauma of sexual abuse. Many have never disclosed it, while others may have sought help, but it still haunts them with memories, fear, anxiety, depression and flashbacks. Buried unresolved sexual abuse may also be the underlying factor on which depression, anxiety, panic attack and poor self-esteem form.  

At Brisbane Hypnotherapy with Applied Neuroscience and Hypnosis you may be able to leave it where it needs to be , in the past in only a few sessions.

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The process is a highly structured, safe and fast. The feelings or behaviour fade into the background and you regain your personal power.

You need not feel the shame or powerlessness of the situation. The process will help you to move on and leave the issue where it belongs – in the past. Assisting you in finding your best solutions and integrating them into fuller consciousness. You may not forget what happened as it recedes into the background so that the  the charge or intensity it had before the sessions reduces to a normal range.


3-5 sessions are normally required for recovery of most complex issues and traumas. One issue at a time.

This is because one neural pathway at a time is cleared in each session and most issues are complex and have several pathways to clear for each issue.

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Sexual Abuse

I have seen many people both male and female who have sought help from sexual abuse groups, help though their GP, medication and many sessions of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and other approaches that still suffer with the trauma of sexual abuse.

Just a few sessions will be life changing to let go of what happened along with the shame and guilt. You can then begin tyo feel again and take control of your life again instead of the shame. Start the process of taking back your dignity and personal power.


“I have had a lot of therapy in my life to help me with trauma after sexual assault many years ago. I had 4 sessions with Yildiz and at last I can put it behind me. I am even thinking that I would like to find a relationship. This has changed my life.” Jenni


“The shame I felt after sexual assault has ruined my life. I had tried everything else before I went to Yildiz. I can now live a normal life. Thank you.” Steven.

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You may contact me to discuss if this is suitable for you.

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