Trans Generation Trauma Recovery with Rapid Core Healing

This may also include incest, addictions and mental health issues.

Many people report always having felt the feelings of guilt, shame, fear, anxiety and trauma and on reflection may be able to identify such feelin s in their parents or grandparents situations. Others may not know of what happened previously but the issues, disturbances, behaviour or trauma persist.

Many of us have come from people who have experienced war, injustice, genocide, famine and family tragedies that are passed on in transgenerational trauma.Trauma counselling is avaialble here

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trans generational trauma recovery

In these cases Rapid Core Healing, a combination of Family Constellations and Emotional Mind Integration is used to assist you in releasing the trauma of disturbance and move on into the future in a lighter way with more freedom.

I hold regular Family Constellations workshops where these issues may be worked with in a powerful way or you may take part in private sessions in person or online.

How to engage with Rapid Core Healing

Healing trauma is what we are about. Book into a session of Family Constellations, followed by Emotional Mind Integration for 3-5 sessions.

Or book into Rapid Core Healing sessions as Rapid Core Healing is a combination of Family Constellations and Emotional Mind Integration. 3-5 are frequently required,

Contact us if you would to discuss your situation and to find out if this is suitable for you.

Book an intial session and receive a 10% discount when you book a package of 3-5 sessions at the end of the first session. Alternatively you may contact me to discuss if this is suitable for you..

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