Hypnotherapy Diploma for Personal and Systemic Solutions – PSS

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International Online Hypnotherapy Diploma

Our vision is in providing you with up-to-date mind science on the foundations of a solid Hypnotherapy and counselling base. The extention to this is innovative, highly efficient and proven advanced hypnotherapy and psychotherapies for personal and systemic solutions.

Deep wholistic, effective results for your clients and satisfaction for you.

A Hypnotherapy Diploma with a difference 

In fusing what is best from the past with neuroscience and epigenetics into present day innovations in facilitating real results with real people. This is done with the Hypnotherapy Diploma where Hypnotherapy is the foundation with personal & systemic solutions (PSS) as a comprehensive psychotherapeutic and hypnotic extention.

The Personal & Systemic Solutions (PSS) components are covered in:

  • Emotional Mind Integration advanced hypnotherapy for the Personal – details
  • Systemic Family Constellations for the systemic – details
  • Rapid Core Shift combination for both – details

Hypnotherapy Diploma for Coaches, Entrepreneurs, Existing and New Practitioners

Diploma includes:

  • Hypnotherapy
  • Counselling
  • Family Constellations
  • Emotional Mind Integration
  • Rapid Core Shift and
  • Getting your business going and ongoing support.
  • Conducting an online business
Hypnotherapy Diploma training
“For People Inspired To Really Make A Difference”

Brisbane Hypnotherapy
Hypnotherapy Diploma training 

Online Diploma Training

Online, face to face and self-paced learning.  

We have a commitment of including essential theory for your growth as a hypnotherapist with applied knowledge of personal and systemic solutions that is practically and experientially based.

Each section of the diploma contains webinars for self-learning designed for you to do weekly, or at your own pace. This is in order to be prepared for the online experiential teaching and practice components.

For self-study you will have download sheets from webinars and the complimentary Rapid Core Healing e-book with the webinar course materials. You will receive an essential and recommended reading list for your study.

You are required to fulfill tasks, assignments and case-studies to be approved at each state of your training to enable your growth as a hypnotherapist

The online experiential face to face training component takes place with your trainer and colleagues at set dates in Queensland Australian time .AEST

You will be forming your own practice study groups for discussion and practicing online or in person (according to your circumstances or choices). You will be  connecting with your trainers for support throughout.

Training is provided by Yildiz Sethi and her highly experienced & reputable team.

Benefits of doing a Hypnotherapy Diploma with us


Offer Private health fund rebates to customers

Clinical Hypnotherapy

Medical Hypnotherapy



Become a Hypnotherapist

AND a practitioner of:

Systemic Family Constellations

Emotional Mind Integration

Rapid Core Shift

Enhance your therapeutic skills

Cutting edge knowledge and skills in:

Mental Health

Trauma Treatment- Unique, World class Complete, FAST Trademarked-Yildiz

Sexual Abuse Treatment Unique, World class Complete Trademarked-Yildiz

Relationships, couples, Family

Blocks to success


Turn your business around

Or Create a business or career that is satisfying.

Enhance your skills

Specialise in your areas of interest

Personal and professional development

Extensive Transformational, Personal Development- experiential, relational and nourishing- if you are ready to grow.

Advanced, Innovative, Creative Professional Development that is hands on and Experiential

Learn to work online

Groups, workshops

Private sessions

Hypnotherapy Diploma training
Hypnotherapy Diploma training
More Details of Hypnotherapy Diploma Content HERE

This Hypnotherapy diploma includes:

Clinical and Medical Hypnotherapy You will learn the theory and practice of a wide range of inductions and deepening techniques.

Advanced hypnotherapy techniques.

Advanced master psychotherapy approaches and how to create your own hypnotherapy scripts

Family Constellations – for systemic disturbances

  • Working with the Systemic-generational: Enabling  you to work with inherited patterns, Relationships, parenting, couples, generation disturbances, triggers and trauma recovery, sexual abuse. Systemic blocks to success and coaching issues.

Emotional Mind Integration (EMI)- for personal disturbances

  • These are the disturbances formed from life experiences – advanced hypnotherapy
  • Resolving the personal unconscious mind issues:
  • Conflicts, triggers, emotional states, mindset, trauma and sexual abuse recovery. Blocks to success.

Rapid Core Shift the combination advanced approach of Systemic Family Constellations and Emotional Mind Integration.  Using  in combined format when required.

Starting business.

Why Choose This Hypnotherapy Diploma?

We will be teaching the best from the past and the latest innovations in mind sciences, energy, working systemically and wholistically.

Allowing you to create a profitable business with satisfied customers.

Using the knowledge and skills gained you can specialise in your preferred area of interest, such as:

  • Relationships, Family.
  • Mental Health.
  • Mind States.
  • Emotional States/triggers.
  • Wellness.
  • Trauma and sexual abuse recovery.
  • Personal growth/development.
  • Spiritual growth etc.

You will be able to work on the personal and systemic aspects of the problems people face in assisting them find solutions ina truly thorough and wholistic  approach. 

You will be receiving Extensive

Professional and Personal Development in this Hypnotherapy Diploma