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Hypnotherapist Yildiz Sethi says, “Hypnosis / hypnotherapy is a powerful way to change patterns, behaviors and feelings in a natural, drug-free way quickly. The mind is the powerhouse of our body. If you can change the mind you can change your life. Yildiz add “that for most 3-5 sessions is sufficient for permanent positive change. This is the safe choice for those with depression, anxiety, panic attacks, insomnia, anger issues or who want to stop smoking, drinking too much or reduce weight.”

“Hypnosis / hypnotherapy is a natural state. We each go in and out of trance many times each day. This is why hypnotic trance is a natural state to use.”

“The mind is made up of only 15-20 % conscious thoughts and feelings and the rest is unconscious. We make good rational decisions with our conscious mind  but most of the problem beliefs and feelings are in the unconscious mind that is not possible for us to access. This is why Hypnosis is so useful. It can allow the conscious mind to relax so that the unconscious thoughts and feelings may be located and positive change can take place.”

“Hypnosis is a trance state and in itself is not therapeutic other than relaxing while hypnotherapy is a therapeutic process while in a trance state to make positive changes relatively quickly.”

“Many people are scared of allowing someone to work with their mind. It is important to find someone they can trust. This is why they should choose a clinical registered Hypnotherapist who is a member of the NHRA (National Hypnotherapy Register of Australia). In this way they can be assured of appropriate training, effectiveness and ethical standards.”

“Losing weight on one level is simple, eat less and exercise more. However, for many it is not so simple, as low self esteem or comfort eating can sabotage good intentions. Hypnosis can be very effective in clearing up sabotage patterns and helping to improve self-esteem.”

“Depression is a deep problem that may be medicated. However depression can be significantly helped and resolved by hypnotherapy according to the practice and research done by leading psychologist Dr. Michael Yapko https://www.psychotherapy.net/interview/michael-yapko-depression
An effective hypnotherapist will help you resolve the roots of depression so that you can live more positively.”

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