Family Constellations training –

Systemic training

Profound personal development throughout the course

“This has been a truly incredible experience. Certainly, I questioned myself how effective Family Constellations could be taught in an online forum, but I was amazed by the results.

Yildiz has an incredible ability to hold the space (regardless of time difference and distance) and demonstrated complete professionalism. The pace of learning kept the group enthused and hungry for more.

The experiential sessions were also effectively facilitated. It is wonderful to be taught by someone with such a wealth of experience and an openness to teach others with such integrity for the work.”


NEXT Online Systemic Family Constellations Training:

06/06-15/08/22       12 weeks

with an online experiential component
5 days-1-5 August  


9.30am-4.30pm Qld Australian AEST timezone

*Payment plans available

Profound Personal Development from working with your own family system throughout the training

NEXT Online Systemic Family Constellations Training:

06/06-22/08/22       12 weeks

with an online experiential component
5 days- 1-5 August 2022

9.30am-4.30pm Qld Australian AEST timezone

*Payment plans available

Seven Frequency Asked Questions of Family Constellations


What is Family Constellaations?

How to Do Family Constellations

Parenting and Constellations

Constellations and Money

Constellations and Christianity

Does Family Constellations Work?

Constellations and Genetics

Gain Knowledge and skills in:

Working remotely & online

Fulfilling Potential

Personal Growth

Trauma therapy and Generational trauma therapy

Systemic Sexual Abuse Therapy

Achieving Success

Improving Self esteem, sense of worth

Improving Relationships

Renewing Poor Attachment Bonding

Couples help, Divorce,

Family, Blended, Adoption, Fostering


Family Constellations Facilitator Course Outline with Yildiz Sethi

1Entering the Field of Family Constellations.
2Personal Development as crucial quality for you as a practitioner
3Working with Energy. Were all connected. Legal and ethical-working safely
4Orders of Love 1 Love and connections in Family of Origin

Orders of Love 2 Present Love and connections. Couples, marriage, children separation and divorce.

Spatial placements and probable meanings

6Transforming Blind Love. Coming out of entanglements, loyalties and burdens
7Perpetrator-victim dynamics- systemic sexual abuse dynamics.
Trauma informed and skilled processing.
Systemic Trauma dynamics
8Consciousness – Guilt & Innocence and personal growth into wisdom.

Experiential Online

  • Original and present family group process.
  • Private sessions in 4 formats:
    1 Use of Floor anchors
    2 Use of Triangles/dolls
    3 In the Minds Eyes
    4 Working Online/in-person
  • Relationships and divorce
  • Blended Family
  • Adoption and Fostering
  • Systemic sexual abuse
  • Rights of Passage- Spiritual divorce, grieving, Moving into your own life from your system
  • Holding workshops
10Mind Science. The science underpinning family constellations theory and processes
124 Case studies


85 hours of Professional and Personal Development 

Systemic Family Constellations Certificate training

Becoming a Family Constellations facilitator and learning trauma therapy allows you to offer more to your clients

Systemic Solutions in your Hypnotherapy Diploma

Become a Family Constellations facilitator within your diploma experience in giving you cutting edge skills as a Hypnotherapist

Family Constellations

Bert Hellinger Family Constellations

Bert Hellinger – Family Constellations founder

The founder Bert Hellinger presented Family Constellations to the world in the 1990’s. It has been growning in popularity ever since. Until this point, the predominant way of working with clients or customers was in counselling, psychotherapy or coaching. Client is focusing on the their personal perceptions, thoughts, feelings and experiences primarily.

Hellinger found that the client observing an individual in the context of their system can lead to a new viewpoint. Thus, leading to new perceptions and new solutions.

The Family Constellations helps us in   acknowledging the gifts/love we received through the family system.

Some of these are:

Our Life, Love, resilience, physical aspects, emotional aspects and neurological patterns, energy-signatures and also problems, patterns and traumas.

We inherit our unique package of materials on coming into our body. Much of it is rich and supportive but there are also problematic aspects there too. These can hold us back from being who we are, until they are seen, acknowledged and resolved within us. These are the hidden dynamics  running through the family system. Consisting of:

  • loyalties
  • entanglements
  • dysfunctions.

This is ‘normal’ for all of us.

In constellations we are not diagosing our clients or looking for labels. As we know these are the symptoms only and not the cause of the dysfunction. We work on the cause.

What can I use Family Constellations training for?

Assisting your clients with issues such as:

  • relationships
  • how to change attracting the same kind of partner
  • not sustainng a long term relationship
  • parenting
  • self-esteem
  • restoring/creating healthy attachment bonds
  • mental health
  • wellbeing
  • systemic trauma
  • sexual abuse
  • money
  • blocks to success
  • life purpose
  • personal development
  • about trauma
  • trauma therapy
  • etc.
Further information from our dedicated Family Constellations website:

What is Family Constellations – click here for more information

How does Family Constellations work? – click here for more information 

Family Constellations training :

Systemic Family Constellations 12 weeks 75 Hours

New Practitioners:
Will do a Code of conduct course online.
Get indemnity insurance
Start Work

Existing registered practitioners

Add your Certificate training to your insurance.

Once you have your certificate you may start working and do further certificates when you are ready and transfer to diploma if you choose

Supervision available for ongoing support

Family Constellations training

  • 11 webinars.
  • 10 Pre recorded webinars. Video. Download worksheets. Copy of my ebook Rapid Core Healing. Details. Tasks to do
  • Be present at the 5 days experiential component by zoom Webinar 9.
  • Final completion task-Do 4 Family Constellations sessions-Case studies and submit a report on each.
  • If all is well- your finished!
  • Receive your Certificate
  • You may join IICT (optional)
  • Get indemnity Insurance-essential
  • Start working
  • Come onto our dedicated Family Constellations Trained-by-us page where people may find you. HERE

Online Training

Download zoom

Have a computer to work from

Reliable Internet.

Work at your own pace. Normally one webinar each week.

Complete 8 webinars before webinar 9 Experiential week.

Family Constellations Training covers:

  • Family of origin Dynamics theory and practice
  • Present Family or situation
  • How to do private session sin 4 formats
  • How to hold groups.
  • How To work online and Face to face
  • Trauma therapy training

EDStart Payment plans available

Edstart – an alternative way to pay:

If you’d prefer to not pay the invoice in full, you can pay your fees across weekly, fortnightly or monthly payments.

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Systemic Family Constellations is:


  • A complete psychotherapeutic modality of philosophy, theory and practice for systemic solutions.
  • Experiential in providing deeply felt experiences in workshops, private sessions and in Family Constellations training. You will experience personal development during training.
  • Psychodynamic in frequently going to the cause of a systemic problem.
  • It is Client centred.
  • Brief in number of sessions requiring in resolving an issue. It is a brief intervention  for a systemic issue.
  • Humanistic in flavour, in looking at human Givens and human resilience, resources and vulnerabilities.
  • Phenomenological in ‘not knowing,’ but rather working in a way that holds a safe space for the client and their system. Unravelling the issue under the  guidance of Family Constellations trained facilitator.
  • Solution-focused in allowing new perspectives to arise and new possibilities.
Family Constellations


Family Constellations offers many levels of Self Healing in One Constellation Process.

The Systemic Family Constellation process utilises many levels of somatic engagement; often simultaneously:

  • Spatial arrangements
  • Visual
  • Emotional
  • Psychological
  • Generational unconscious mind
  • Conscious mind

The Knowing Field

This is the energy field that arises as we tap into a clients’ problem or issue. It spreads through the constellation and may be felt by those taking part in providing information about what is being experienced in the process.

This may take place in private sessions, workshops or training online or in-person

AThe science in the background for  Family Constellations is epigenetics

Epigenetics is showing how energy, stress and trauma passes from one generation to the next.  How proportions of genetic (DNA) components may be switched on or off by the environment context they inhabit. Put simply, if a stress, unresolved, emotion or trauma can be processed or released; this can result in some of the negative aspects of DNA being switched off. Research is continuing in this field.

An example of epigenetics working in the real world


is showing that the brain has ways of healing itself under appropriate conditions.

From a constellation perspective any process that assists us in releasing or resolving systemic stress or trauma. Allows our natural inner order to restore its natural balance according to homeostasis. See my book Rapid Core Healing Chapter 26 Details

Generational Trauma Therapy with Family Constellations

Systemic trauma (Generational Trauma)

I have been working with people in workshops, private sessions and in constellations training since 2005.  The thing that sticks out is that systemic trauma (in many forms) is often the underlying context of disturbances, conflicts and dysfunctional feelings or symptoms. This may come from historic wars, famine, migration, injustice, colonisation, stolen generations, shaming and genocide to name only a few. In training I provide you with the knowledge and skills to work with these areas effectively and efficiently should this arise in your work with your clients/customers.

You will be both trauma informed and trauma skilled in processing systemic trauma. You will be able to work as a systemic or generational trauma therapist,


Systemic trauma

Systemic trauma

Family Constellations and Sexual Abuse

I have found sexual abuse to be far more prevalent than I could have imagined in my practice with the general public. Sexual abuse is a big secret for many as the Australian sexual abuse royal commissions and the ME TOO movement have shown.

Sexual abuse is often the underlying dynamic of mental health, relationship issues, sexual dysfunction, identity, self-worth, self-esteem, lack of boundaries and sabotage patterns. Sexual abuse may start in a family system from a family member through abuse through an institution, school, fostering, charity organisations, or religious institutions, to name only a few. This may result in rape or the start of incestuous patterns in family systems that is shrouded by secrecy and shame (due to its taboo nature). This frequently continues to perpetuate until it is exposed and resolved, within the client. Family Constellations is a safe forum for this and is brief and effective with a suitably trained facilitator,

Family Constellations training

Systemic sexual abuse training is a central part of Family Constellations practitioner training. In my practice I never intended to work with sexual abuse, but in working with cause of an issue or symptom or pattern, it frequently arises involuntarily as the core of their disturbance. This frequently happens in around 20% of my clients who come ot me with anxiety, depression, panic attacks and relationship issues. So even if you are a coach or a counsellor who has no intention to work with such issues this may easily arise in a session unexpectedly. For these reasons I include training in how to work with sexual abuse, so you may be prepared and equipped to work with it effectively and efficiently, should it arise in your sessions or workshops.

I have opened New Dawn – Recovery From Sexual Abuse with fast effective recovery programs 

Systemic Trauma and Sexual Abuse Recovery.

It is possible to recover from trauma and the trauma of sexul abuse in only a few sessions. This training will give you what you need to work with Systemic Family Constellations for the systemic, generational aspects of trauma and sexual-abuse trauma. To deepen the healing and processing you may do Emotional Mind Integration EMI  for the personal aspects trauma locked in the personal unconscious mind and somatic aspects trapped in the body, in the master modality Rapid Core Shift.

With Rapid Core Shift a total of 3-5 sessions is required for recovery from trauma including PTSD

For anyone who would like to specialise in this area the total Rapid Core shift master certificate is highly recommended and is included in our Hypnotherapy Personal and Systemic Solutions Diploma.

With this training you will be trauma informed and highly skilled at processing trauma quickly, deeply and effectively, for permanent, positive change, recovery and freedom.

Family Constellations training sexual abuse

Systemic Sexual abuse recovery with Family Constellations

Add Family Constellations to your existing Practice, or Coaching Business or enter as a new practitioner.

12 Week Online Training: 11 Modules

Once approved you will receive your certificate, and you may purchase your indemnity insurance to begin practising.

*Recognition of Prior Learning (with discount training fee) for students who have trained with other Facilitators, or Repeat Students, with proof of Recognised Constellations Training.

APPLICATION to this Training is by Call, (obligation free).

We only have limited places for each group.

NEXT Online Systemic Family Constellations Training:

06/06-15/08/22       12 weeks

with an online experiential component
5 days-1-5 August  


9.30am-4.30pm Qld Australian AEST timezone

*Payment plans available

EDStart Payment plans available

Edstart – an alternative way to pay:

If you’d prefer to not pay the invoice in full, you can pay your fees across weekly, fortnightly or monthly payments.

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Family Constellations training

Levels of Systemic Family Constellations training with us

The full Systemic Family Constellations offered here is Foundational in providing you what you need to put theory and practice together so you can start using it straight away after completion.

Many people repeat this training for a much reduced price . We call this level Deepening.

We also offer you Advanced Training in Business Constellations and Health Constellations once you have completed the Foundation training.

Systmic Family Constellations trainings:

: Foundation

: Deepening

: Advanced -Business -Health

Refresher & Repeat Family Constellations Students


If you have done Systemic Family Constellations training perviously you may repeat to gain deeper knowledge and experience.

Our former trainees with us doing Deepening

If you have already completed Family Constellations  training with us, and would like to refresh or deepen your knowledge, and gain more experience with facilitation, we offer a special repeat price.

Transfer your former training to learn with us

If you have done Formal Family Constellations training with another trainer and would like to join our programs you may apply for approval of Prior Learning. You will need to supply proof of at least 9 days formal training with one recognised Family Constellations trainer.

If you are successful you may be offered a discount price due to prior lerning, to do our training.

What Our Students Are Saying…

~ Fiona Herrington Social Worker, working with Women's Mental Health and Wellbeing

“Thank you for this amazing Family Constellation Online training. Your level of experience and integrity has been a true blessing.

I am delighted that everything we did in the training has so deeply sunken in and enabled me to work with clients calmly and competently.

It has truly been a wonderful gift.”

~ Lisa

~ Jonathan Muller Palliative Care Nurse

~ Camila Mozinni Academic and Author

~ Rosco Duncan A man who helps others with his wisdom and knowledge

~ Marina Perry Coach, Healthclub Business Owner

“I found this training profound

and highly refreshing. It was so good to be with so many people of like mind and who were really genuine in wanting to really understand how family systems work and how to help people find their connection to love in such a healing way. A great experience”

~ Anna

“Training with Yildiz

empowered me with the golden teachings of Systemic Family Constellations. Her depth of knowledge in many modalities was very evident, giving me the codes needed to be a well-rounded practitioner in this field and also crucial information for me to take into life as a man within my own family unit.

Constellation work is deep and powerful, which I felt all throughout the experiential parts of the training and I came away with many found realisations, resolutions and transformations within myself.

Yildiz is very generous in passing on so much of her 15 years experience right across the world, including training with the founder of Family Constellations Bert Hellinger. I feel blessed to now be a carrier of the wisdom of this beautiful work.”

~ Dean Benson

Advanced Training: Business Constellations

Learn how to facilitate Business Constellations, and to be able to work with other human systems.

If you have done Family Constellation foundation training with another trainer you may join this training through our prior learning system if approved.

Business constellations image
Health constellations image

Advanced Training: Health Constellations

You will learn how to facilitate health & wellness constellations.

If you have done Family Constellation foundation training with another trainer you may join this training through our prior learning system if approved.

About Yildiz

Yildiz has been holding private constellation sessions since 2005 and also form the same time monthly Constellation workshops 2005 in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne Australia until the start of the pandemic when all her work went online.



  • M.Couns. Master Applied Social Science (Counselling)
  • B.Education
  • Graduate Diploma Counselling
  • Diploma Clinical Hypnotherapy
  • Certificate Resource Therapy- formerly Ego State Therapy
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming

Yildiz and Satish’s Systemic Constellations Trainings

Svagito Leibermeister, Bert Hellinger, Albrecht Mahr, Ursula Franke, , Jakob Schneider, , Berthold Ulsamer Al, Jane Peterson

Yildiz attended several international trainings at ISCA International Systemic Constellations Association in Germany over several years, where she received trainings from many more international trainers

Hypnotherapy course on Rapid Core Shift

Buy the 3 Levels of Certifications as a bundle at 30% off!

  1. Systemic Constellations Certificate 

  2. Emotional Mind Integration Certificate

  3. Rapid Core Shift Mastery Certificate 

Additional Bonuses:

 – 4 Group Supervision Sessions

 – Family Constellations Online Workshop

EDStart Payment plans available

Edstart – an alternative way to pay:

If you’d prefer to not pay the invoice in full, you can pay your fees across weekly, fortnightly or monthly payments.

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