Become a Rapid Core Shift Facilitator

Rapid Core Shift

Rapid Core Shift (RCS) is a revolutionary
Triple, Master approach to
self-healing and growth.

The knowledge and skills to unifying healing pathways for the mind, body and soul

Rapid Core Shift training will provide you with the knowledge and skills to work with a wide range of areas, problems.  In being able to assist people in clearing in both the personal and systemic spheres for truly wholistic rebalance and solutions.

Rapid Core Shift involves Systemic Family Constellations for the Systemic (Generational) part of an issue, with EMI for the Personal part of the same issue, for completion and empowerment.
The final training Rapid Core Shift provides advanced knowledge and skills for combining Personal and Systemic solutions. This provides you with mastery in this field, that may continue to develop through your practice and experience.

See the Video Explainer to get the picture of what is offered here

The Rapid Core Shift training

RCS is a Master triple modality consisting of:

  1. Systemic Family Constellations More Details
  2. Emotional Mind Integration More Details
  3. Rapid Core Shift

With this modality you will be taught advanced skills in how to create great value for your clients and customers and professional satisfaction in really being able to make a difference.  Rapid Core Shift and Emotional Mind Integration have been founded by Yildiz and you will receive this training with her.

Brisbane Hypnotherapy
Hypnotherapy course on Rapid Core Shift

Trauma Therapy Training

Trauma recovery in only a few sessions

Sexual Abuse Trauma training

Recovery of Sexual Abuse in only a few sessions

You will Receive 3 Certificates

Emotional Mind Integration 50 hours
Systemic Family Constellations 75 hours
Rapid Core Shift 50 hours
Total 175 hours
Rapid Core Shift

 Rapid Core Shift training :

  • Systemic Family Constellations 12 weeks 75 Hours
  • Emotional Mind Integration 8 weeks 50 hours
  • Rapid Core Shift 6 weeks 50 hours

New Practitioners:

Will do a Code of conduct course online.
Get indemnity insurance
May start Work in each certificatea  syou complete it

Existing registered practitioners

Add your Certificate training to your insurance.

Once you have your certificate you may start working and do further certificates when you are ready and transfer to diploma if you choose

Supervision available for ongoing support

Rapid Core Shift Final Training

  • 6 week course
  • 9 tasks to complete prior to the experiential
  • Be present at the 5 days experiential component by zoom Webinar 9.
  • Final completion task-Do 4 Family Constellations sessions-Case studies and submit a report on each.
  • If all is well- your finished!
  • Receive your Certificate
  • You may join IICT (optional)
  • Get indemnity Insurance-essential

Start working

Online Training

Download zoom

Have a computer to work from

Reliable Internet.

Work at your own pace. Normally one webinar each week.

Complete 8 webinars before webinar 9 Experiential week.

You will be able to work with personal and systemic solutions in:

  • Private sessions in person
  • Private sessions online
  • Workshops and seminars in person
  • Workshops and seminars online

You will have the knowledge and skills to work in a wide range of areas from the Personal & Systemic:

Relationships, Parenting


Family, blended family,

Adoption, Fostering

Renew poor attachment for self-esteem & empowerment,

Mental health, Depression, anxiety, panic (excluding serious DSM5 diagnoses schizophrenia etc)

Trauma therapy, including PTSD and generational trauma.

Sexual abuse therapy, including incest and sexual assault recovery.

Wellness, changing patterns

Personal Development, growth, success,

You will receive profound personal development

Pay As you Go Option

You may purchase and do
Family Constellations &
Emotional Mind Integration,
prior to the final
Rapid Core Shift


Receive a large Discount  for

Rapid Core Shift Bundle

ONE payment

Pay as you go option

Start your Rapid Core Shift training by registering yourself the next
Systemic Family Constellations or Emotional Mind Integration trainings.

When these are complete Book into the next available final Rapid Core Shift.

Rapid Core Shift training is suitable for upskilling or revolutionising your business as a coach or counsellor, psychotherapist or for New Practitioners

We only have limited places for each training

NEXT Online Rapid Core Healing final part of Training:

31/10-5/12/22      6 weeks

with an online experiential component
5 days- 28/11-2/12/2022

9.30am-4.30pm Qld Australian AEST timezone

*Payment plans available

EDStart Payment plans available

Edstart – an alternative way to pay:

If you’d prefer to not pay the invoice in full, you can pay your fees across weekly, fortnightly or monthly payments.

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Pay in ONE Payment or a Payment plan.

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 Buy the Rapid Core Shift Mastery Discount Bundle with a 30% Discount

Hypnotherapy course on Rapid Core Shift

Buy the 3 Levels of Certifications as a bundle at 30% off!

  • Systemic Constellations Certificate

  • Emotional Mind Integration Certificate

  • Rapid Core Shift Mastery Certificate

 – 4 Group Supervision Sessions)

 – Family Constellations Online Workshop

EDStart Payment plans available

Edstart – an alternative way to pay:

If you’d prefer to not pay the invoice in full, you can pay your fees across weekly, fortnightly or monthly payments.

Please visit:


What People are Saying About the Training…

~ Rajarama Kannon Leadership Coach

“RCS is a powerful modality which combines both systemic and personal sides of the issue to be cleared for good. It works in such a clever, brief and compassionate way to deal with the core issue from all different sides. I simply cant think of any other modality doing that amount of work in such a short amount of time with that level of precision for lasting results.

I recommend this modality to whoever wants to help others if they truly want to facilitate healing pathways to empower their client for the rest of their lives. Thanks Yildiz

~ Gamze Cassandra Evren

“This training has been a journey for me in taking the Family Constellations and the Emotional Mind Integration as well as the Rapid Core Healing helped a great deal in my self-transformation, to become a change agent for a positive society.”
~ Raj

Leadership Coach

~ Sophie Birgen Psychotherapist / Coach

“RCS has given me a succinct way of working with my clients in gaining the best results for them. The combination of Family Constellations and Emotional Mind Integration is a powerful modality which quickly gets to the core issue so the individual can gain more peace and clarity in their life.”

“I had done so much training and higher education and yet still felt lost in how to assist many of my clients with complex issues. Since training with Yildiz, I am amazed to find that I am using Rapid Core Shift as my base model and really enjoying my work and seeing the results and transformations. It has dramatically changed the way I work and turned my business around. I highly recommend it.”
~ J Fallow

Psychotherapist of 25 years

“Powerful new modern modalities. Bringing many modalities into this time in history at a time where we know that neural pathways can be changed where people participate in self healing. The RCH course was fantastic, clear, easy to follow. Changing neural pathways by releasing trapped emotions from the body. Very experiential.”
~ Rosco