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EMI is an advanced, Neuro-Trance Psychotherapy,

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     Emotional Mind Integration

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  9 WEEKS Training

  Part 1 Full Online course

  Part 2 Live Experiential component

  Part 3: 4 Case studies

  Designed for 1 Module per week – 8   Modules + 1 week of Live Training + 4 case    studies. However, you can work at your   own pace)

   Full course 29 Aug-24 Oct  2022

  Experiential live online component
   5 days 10-14 October 9.30am-4.30pm Qld  Australian AEST timezone

Emotional Mind Integration (EMI) for Fast Release and clearing of disturbances and trauma.

EMI™ share and learn from the founder Yildiz SethThis is the advanced ‘Personal’  hypnotherapy that is unique to this school, that is referred to in our name  ‘Personal and Systemic Solutions (PSS)’.

Receiving Justice -heals.

“I walked away from my sessions feeling that at last justice had been served and I could finally find peace and a sense of empowerment. A magical and profound process for healing. Sincere gratitude.” Liz

EMI for Justice and empowerment 
EMI allows the client to receive a feeling of justice in feeling they have been able to speak out and be heard in a safe way, that allows self healing to take place, so that their brain and heart can renew and rewire. This takes place fast.

Emotional Mind Integration is a powerful elegantly designed modality for resolving and releasing personal conflicts, disturbances, emotional triggers, negative mind sets and trauma. Including PTSD and sexual abuse traumas in an average of 3-5 sessions for most people. (Excluding serious DSM5 diagnoses such as schizophrenia etc) It designed with safety and efficiency as top priorities and is infinitely gentle and sensitive to the clients personality and requirements. Suitable for those who are ready for change.

Emotional Mind Integration is Neuro-trans -psychotherapy. An elegant fusion of the latest in Mind Science with neuroscience and enriched with over twenty years of working with real people with real problems in discovering what works.

Yildiz is a former science, physics and chemistry teacher who brings with her a strong curiosity about what it is that goes wrong and what is required to allow the body and mind to regain its equilibrium and healthy balance. This comes together here in an advanced hypnotherapy modality in providing ground breaking world class results for the more stubborn problems repressed in the  personal unconscious mind.

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Empowerment With EMI Intro

The animated Videos below will share/explain some secrets about EMI.

EMI Simply Put

EMI Training

What is Emotional Mind Integration?

Emotional Mind Integration is a deep, effective and efficient way of helping your clients in releasing disturbances, triggers and traumas that have developed through daily life, Such disturbances have an effect on their self-esteem, relationships, communication, emotional, and psychological states and behaviour. Emotional Mind Integration is specifically designed to work with the personal unconscious mind.

With Emotional Mind Integration we merge theory into hands-on-practice. Starting with a symptom or problem of a client/customer and following the neural pathway to the cause and assisting them in resolving, releasing and integrating it within each session. So they leave the session feeling resolved and uplifted without re-traumatisation. Complex issues clearing one neural pathway at a time requiring 3-5 sessions in all for most (excluding serious DSM5 conditions such as schizophrenia or personality disorders etc).
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Emotional Mind Integration training course

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Why do Emotional Mind Integration training?

Most problems, shocks, painful, emotional situations are buried in the unconscious mind because it was too hard to process at the time. However, they arise as triggers or involuntary feelings or behaviours and can cause problems in our or our clients lives and in our inner lives too.

Most therapeutic processes rellie on conscious processing such as talk therapies,  when in more difficult or stubborn issues are held in the unconscious mind, out of reach. Counselling. Psychotherapies and coaching and CBT utilise the conscious mind to resolve or to manage symptoms, as they don’t have a philosophy or practice to be able to access the core of the problems and do not have the knowledge and skills to process them safely and quickly within the session.

With EMI you are taught to access the cause and work with it skilfully and safely and complete integration. This provides your clients with a pleasant experience and you with satisfying work.

Emotional Mind Integration training course

Why there is a need for EMI –


In my work of over twenty years with people, I have found that trauma is at the root of many people’s mental health and personal development problems. Further, as a Systemic Family Constellations practitioner I was able to work with the systemic (generational) parts of their trauma really effectively.


But even as a Master of counselling, Clinical Hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner – I didn’t have the knowledge or skills to do the same with the more personal aspects. Aspects that come from their BIO – i.e. life events and experiences. This led to the development of Emotional Mind Integration.

Emotional Mind Integration training course Cause and effectCause leads to effect

Trauma is key.  But What is trauma?

Trauma is any situation that is disturbing, conflicting, painful, hurtful or shocking., Too hard to process at the time and so it was suppressed (locked) in the Mind Body (unconscious mind). Such traumas become triggers to everyday experiences of sight, smell, feeling that may be arise involuntarily in a person’s life. Spoiling their self esteem, relationships and creating blocks and irrational feelings and beliefs.  This trauma that comes from lived experiences is locked in their personal unconscious mind.

Mine, and my trainee’s experience, shows:

That blocks, sabotage or mind states that people struggle with are frequently linked to trauma. Low confidence, sabotage patterns, blocks, depression, anxiety, panic and of course PTSD, violence and sexual abuse.

How do I know that EMI works?

Because when I follow up – I find the block/ trauma is no longer present. The client feels freer to pursue their life.

With EMI – the cause is revealed, resolved and integrated quickly and safely.


Family Constellations

EMI™ approach for fast recovery and trauma treatment of the personal aspects of trauma.

EMI is our unique trademarked Trauma therapy for the personal components of an issue  is a large part of what is offered in this training because I have found that trauma is far more prevalent than most of us may have realised and may come up as the cause of much suffering and dysfunction, resulting in addictions, mental health, relationship problems and blocks to success. EMI works at cause of a symptom and so it is necessary for trainees to know how to work with this should it arise in sessions in working with the personal psyche that come from life experiences.

Hypnotherapy Training 

EMI™ approach for fast recovery of the personal aspects of sexual abuse

Sexual abuse like trauma may arise at any time as part of the cause of a wide range of disturbances, conflicts, relationship or mental health problem. Therefore it is important that even if you don’t see this as your area of interest that you are able to work with it efficiently and effectively within the session. For this reason sexual abuse therapy is an important part of EMI training

Theory and Practice is shown in my book.

Yildiz is the Founder of Rapid Core Shift and Emotional Mind Integration. Her book is available

Rapid Core Healing Pathways to Growth and Emotional Healing:
Using the unique dual approach of
Family Constellations and Emotional Mind Integration for personal and systemic health.

Details and Kindle/Paperback


I am offering you – a succinct, safe and well-structured approach:

  • That delivers Fast, Felt and Observable Results
  • Works reliably in working with often difficult feelings and thoughts without re-traumatisation, safely
  • Is a reliable, repeatable and proven process

EMI is ideal for overcoming:

  • Conflicts
  • Sabotage
  • Blocks
  • Trauma (PTSD)
  • Trauma recovery
  • Sexual Abuse recovery

EMI training is suitable to anyone who works with people or wish to enter a new career:

  •  Counsellors
  •  Psychotherapists
  •  Mental health workers
  •  Coaches
  •  New practitioners

Emotional Mind Integration training :

Emotional MindIntegration 8 weeks 50 Hours

New Practitioners:
Will do a Code of conduct course online.
Get indemnity insurance
Start Work

Existing registered practitioners

Add your Certificate training to your insurance.

Once you have your certificate you may start working and do further certificates when you are ready and transfer to diploma if you choose

Supervision available for ongoing support

Emotional Mind Integration Training covers:

  • Trauma Informed training
  • Trauma Skilled and processing training
  • Core Requirements for wellness
  • Healing pathways
  • Advanced Hypnotherapy techniques
  • Holding a safe space for clients in the therapeutic process
  • How To work online and Face to face

Emotional Mind Integration Training

  • 8 webinars.
  • 7 Pre recorded webinars. Video. Download worksheets. Copy of my ebook Rapid Core Healing. Details. Tasks to do
  • Be present at the 5 days experiential component by zoom Webinar 6.
  • Final completion task-Do 4 Emotional Mind Integration sessions-Case studies and submit a report on each.
  • If all is well- your finished!
  • Receive your Certificate
  • You may join IICT (optional)
  • Get indemnity Insurance-essential
  • Start working
  • Come onto our dedicated Emotional Mind Integration Trained-by-us page where people may find you. HERE

Online Training

Download zoom

Have a computer to work from

Reliable Internet.

Work at your own pace. Normally one webinar each week.

Where can EMI be used?

  • Mental Health Problems
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Trauma Recovery
  • Sexual Abuse
  • Self-Limiting Beliefs / Patterns
  • Mindset
  • Wealth Creation
  • Sabotage Patterns
  • Personal Development
  • and more…

EDStart Payment plans available

Edstart – an alternative way to pay:

If you’d prefer to not pay the invoice in full, you can pay your fees across weekly, fortnightly or monthly payments.

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Become a New Practitioner or Add Emotional Mind Integration to your existing Practice, or Coaching Business.

Are you looking for a new career?

Do you want to replace your tool-box with one approach that is so deep and wideranging that it covers most bases of complex personal issues. 

Do you want to be able to practice ONLINE?

Emotional Mind Integration is inspired by the best of:

  • Psychotherapy
  • Hypnotherapy
  • NLP
  • latest in mind science and Neuro-Science
  • What works with real people

to create an elegant solution in EMI which is effective and solution focussed.

EMI Training Structure
8 modules plus time to complete the final task in your own time with the founder Yildiz Sethi.

EMI Modules
Normally one module per week.
The Modules are pre-recorded, with a Video plus Content sheets and tasks to do

Module 7 is the 5-day LIVE online experiential component

Emotional Mind Integration

Professional Certification Online Training
Join now until 28 August 2022


9 WEEKS Training

Part 1 Full Online course

Part 2 Live Experiential component

Part 3: 4 Case studies

Designed for 1 Module per week – 8 Modules + 1 week of Live Training + 4 case studies. However, you can work at your own pace)

Full course 29 Aug-24 oct  2022   

Experiential live online component
5 days 10-14 Oct 9.30am-4.30pm Qld Australian AEST timezone

Total Cost: $3360 AUD


Emotional Mind Integration to resolve



Sexual Abuse Recovery



Panic attacks

Self esteem


In a few sessions

Emotional Mind Integration training course

The Mind Science Revolution

This is Advanced Neuro-Trance Psychotherapy, for trauma-recovery and a range of mental health and wellbeing issues.

Emotional Mind Integration (EMI), is a replicable and reliable therapeutic process for providing fast, deep and permanent healing solutions.

Clearing one neural pathway at a time (each session).

Complex, or long-standing issues require 3-5 sessions

What People are Saying About the Training…

~ Amanda Counsellor Psychotherpaist

“As a therapist this modality has been the missing link in my private practice. I so am excited to use this elegant method of treating so many issues for people, as it is a safe process that allows the unconscious mind to heal itself.”
~ Anne

“While EMI and Hypnosis have similarities, EMI is much more practical and accurate in going to the core of the problem with a solution-focused intervention. It provides a space for clients to transform their challenges in just a few sessions. Amazing”
~ Elouise

~ Helen Harris Psychotherapist / Coach The Power of Change Coaching and Counselling.

~ Diane Rooker Counsellor / Hypnotherapist Pearl Counselling

“Yildiz’s EMI therapy is truly revolutionary- it will change the way trauma is resolved. Her training is as effective as the EMI method. Very transformational. Yildiz is a highly skilled teacher who delivers a wonderfully empowering week of training.”
~ Melissa Stinson

Coach and Family Constellations facilitator

“I am a counsellor and Art-Therapist, working in private practice with clients presenting a wide range of difficulties and family traumas.

The investment in the training with Yildiz Sethi in Emotional Mind Integration and Rapid Core Healing has opened for me a new avenue of working with clients.

Learning a new tool of Emotional Mind Integration and Rapid Core Healing definitely gave me the ability as practitioner to offer my clients a more rapid and precise way to work through the clients life challenges and traumas.
Yildiz Sethi provided us in her training with the newest research in Neuro-Science and how to apply it. The feedback from clients has definitely confirmed the benefits of this approach.

I would recommend this training with Yildiz Sethi in Emotional Mind Integration and Rapid Core Healing to anyone who works in the humanistic field.”

~ Elaine Mathiuet

CA Counselling

“I have worked as a counsellor for many years with a variety of modalities and at times some of these techniques were limiting to finding a final resolution for the client. EMI geos directly to core of the issue, works with it on many levels to create a new neural pathway. Absolutely fantastic. The EMI process sis quick and effective.”
~ Diane Rooker

Psychotherapist and Family Constellations facilitator

“This modality is an excellent short cut to the core of the issue, extremely gentle and compassionate. Its skilfully put together and facilitates the client finding resolutions and leaves them empowered with their new life story. I love it.”
~ Gamze Cassandra Evren

Family Constellations Facilitator

“EMI has amazing techniques which go to the deepest core using the body senses to the base of the issue. Client heals through guided facilitation. It is the client sown resources that does the actual healing, rather than some attempting to heal them. Embodied healing.”
~ Ros

Practitioner and Family Constellations Facilitator

“I think the EMI process is a great compliment to Family Constellations. They link hand in hand and I can see them working together fantastically with clients.”
~ Vin Gannon

Psychotherapist and Family Constellations Facilitator

“As a therapist I am always looking for a more efficient results driven way to support clients. EMI does this. Monday morning I can begin working with this which is so rewarding to me and beneficial to clients. Thank you!!”
~ Helen Harrison

Psychotherapist / Coach

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  • Systemic Constellations Certificate

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  • Rapid Core Shift Mastery Certificate

– 4 Group Supervision Sessions)

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EDStart Payment plans available

Edstart – an alternative way to pay:

If you’d prefer to not pay the invoice in full, you can pay your fees across weekly, fortnightly or monthly payments.

Please visit:

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