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Yildiz Sethi specialises in Trauma Recovery session packages and Training for Trauma Recovery Practitioners.

Yildiz is a counsellor with a Masters degree in counselling, a clinical hypnotherapist, Family Constellations facilitator and trainer, NLP practitioner and founder of Trauma recovery modalities. Rapid Core Healing and Emotional Mind INtegration.

She provides trauma recovery and trauma self healing that is effective with Rapid Core Healing. A truly holistic approach for generationsla trauma and Emotional Mind INtegration for personal trauma in one dual modality.

She holds sessions in person or online and provides practitioner training in Trauma recovery with Rapid Core Healing training. Go to Rapid Core Healing for more details.

What is Trauma?

Trauma may be personal. This means it occurred in the life of the person or alternatively generational. This is inherited from deeply distressing events in former generations. The fact that trauma may be passed down generations 

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Why is a new approach required?

Because traditional hypnotherapy and trauma counselling and psychotherapy are not equipped to deal with trauma in such a concise, structured and accurate manner for good results in only a few sessions.

Emotional Mind Integration is informed by the best of hypnosis, hypnotherapy and psychotherapy and also the latest in applied neuroscience to produce a highly safe, fast and effective way of helping you in your recovery.

The owner of this site Yildiz Sethi is the founder of Emotional Mind Integration and Rapid Core Healing.

Personal Trauma

Trauma ranges from psychological and emotional shocks to extreme confrontations and assaults that lead to disconnect and PTSD.

This includes childhood trauma, situational trauma such as accidents, catastrophes, sexual abuse, incest, violence and the aftermath of traumatic military service.

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Generation / Systemic Trauma

Generational trauma is passed down through relational bonds of one generation to another from people who experienced annihilation, shaming, colonisation, victimisation, famine, stolen generations and genocide. This is explained by studies in epigenetics. Transgerational Trauma article

Recovery From Sexual Abuse

There are many people who are suffering from the trauma of sexual abuse. Many have never disclosed it, while others may have sought help, but it still haunts them with memories, fear, anxiety, depression and flashbacks. Buried unresolved sexual abuse may also be the underlying factor on which depression, anxiety, panic attack and poor self-esteem form.  

At Brisbane Hypnotherapy with Applied Neuroscience and Hypnosis you may be able to leave it where it needs to be , in the past in only a few sessions. Details


Neuroscience shows that recovery is possible as neural pathways are constantly renewing.

This means with appropriate methodologies trauma may be released and new healthy neural pathways formed.

Applied neuroscience in Emotional Mind Integration founded by Yildiz Sethi is specifically designed for the safe treatment and recovery of personal trauma in relatively short treatment interventions of 3-5-10 sessions for most. contact us to check if this is suitable for you.


Epigenetics shows how emotional shocks and patterns are passed through generations. This knowledge shows how such environmental, situational, information can influence genetic code. The good news here is, it is possible to switch DNA on or off if treated appropriately.

Yildiz has founded Rapid Core Healing to work with trauma. Rapid Core Healing is a combination of Family Constellations for the resolution of generational trauma and Emotional Mind Integration to deal with personal aspects of trauma and integration.

This is relatively short treatment interventions of 3, 5, 10 sessions for most.

Case Studies


Quality of life improved after 10 sessions

David is a veteran who was suffering form PTSD. He was suffering depression and extreme mood swings, insomnia and flashbacks. After 10 sessions his quality of life had significantly improved and he was able to take his place in his family and society and begin the task of redefining himself in creating a new career.


Regained personal power after 5 sessions

Jenny was raped several years ago but was haunted by the event. She was nervous and withdrawn and isolated. 5 sessions with Yildiz was enough for her to regain her personal power and confidence. She is re-establishing herself and moving forward in her life.


Anxiety improvement after constellation sessions

Kieth is the son of holocaust survivors and was suffering extreme anxiety and depression even though he has had a comfortable life in Australia. This was a systemic issue and subsided after constellation sessions.


Improved anxiety and depression after 5 sessions

Rose is part aboriginal and was separated from her parents in childhood. Her mother and father were both taken away from their own families and suffering from alcoholism. She was disconnected and suffered anxiety, and depression and extremely low self esteem. After five sessions of Rapid Core Healing she was able to move forward in her life with more confidence.