Couples Counselling

You have come to the right place. I am adequately experienced in helping you to resolve
your relationship conflicts or misunderstandings.   couple 2I have a wide range of experience in many modalites to help you as an individual and also as a couple or family.

I can help you through individual approachesa and also helping you to resolve systemic entanglements with your original family that may be having an impact on your present situation.

Come on your own.

I often see individuals to help them them cope with their relationships, if their spouse or partner is not attending. This can be very helpful in helping the individual in gaining resources and understanding about themselves and their relationships.

Come together

I also see couples in couples sessions couples counsellingor marriage counselling in order help the relationship to go to the next phase of healing or resolution, if the couple intends to stay together.


However I can also be of assistance in helping couples to separate in the best way possible should that be the the outcome of ireconcilable differences. I can also help separating parents be the best parents they can be through separation.

Grief and Loss

Moving on, taking one step at a time and re grouping in your own time.

Parenting and Family

I can also help you with parenting or help mother child, or father child issues.

Blended families

Blended families can be complex and difficult to maintain. I am experienced at offering help to combining families.

I am an experienced counsellor, Clinical hypnotherapist and Family Constellations practitioner well equipped to help you in many different ways.

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