Help for couples and families

Help for Couples and Families

Everyone want to feel loved and to give love.????????????????????????????????????????

What is it that goes wrong?

Generally, if a couples relationship is strong and have shared values in
family and parenting, then the family and any children, will often grow in a positive way, feeling loved and supported in their home.

At Brisbane Hypnotherapy I am a qualified and experienced counsellor, who is well equipped to help you with your relationship and your parenting skills.
It is interesting that the way we are bought up, often has a big influence in the way we go into relationships and how we parent.
Often we intend to do things very different to our own parents, but later find that we are much the same, or do things so totally differently that a different set of problems occur that may also be damaging. It is hard as parents to get the balance right!

I can help you;

  • find peace with your own family of origin in a relatively brief process
  • help you to create your own personal style of parenting that is more functional, effective and loving.
  • create better relationships with troubled children and teenagers and help them find their place in the family in a more healthy manner.
  • Grief and Loss.

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