Stop Smoking

Effectively Quit Smoking Through Hypnotherapy, Quit Smoking Through Hypnosis, Be Smoke Free Through Hypnosis. 3 session package $540.

Quitting smoking may not be as easy as 1-2-3 but it can certainly be made through hypnosis.

Why Should You Stop Smoking?

There are a number of reasons why you should quit smoking. Among them are:

  • Improved state of health
  • Fresher breath
  • Cut-down on your expenses
  • Saving your loved ones from second hand smoke

Brisbane Hypnotherapy Program

This is a 3 session program which would be divided to 2 sessions in the first week and 1 session in the following week for you to be able to quit smoking.

What you are spending if you smoke 1/2 packet of cigarettes each day
$65/week $283/month $3,399/year $33,997.6/10 years
What you are spending if you smoke 1 packet each day
$130/week $566/month $6,799/ year $67,999/10 years

Quit smoking Program

total cost for 3 sessions is $450 which is paid prior to the first session.
Phone to discuss your suitability to the program before signing up as the fee is not refundable once he program is started.

At Brisbane Hypnotherapy you will receive the support and the resources to help you become smoke free for the rest of your life. Call us now and be empowered.This is probably the best investment you have ever made.

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