Why Choose Yildiz?

y-small-soft-15Why choose Yildiz?

  • Yildiz is an expert in her field of brief therapy Rapid Core Healing. Find out more
  • Coming from a scientific background she has spent 16 years of her therapeutic life in sourcing skills and experience to becoming proficient in Clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP, Psychotherapy and Family Constellations to assist you in making efficient, effective change.
  • More Benefits of choosing her.Yildiz is the author of three personal development books.Yildiz has created a methodology called RCH Rapid Core Healing
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    She has written a book on this modality
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    In Rapid Core healing Yildiz explains with case studies and an exploration of theory and research the latest in cutting edge psychotherapy and hypnotherapy. Yildiz has developed a hypnotic, hypnotherapy methodology called EMI Emotional Mind Integration that requires only 3-5 sessions for most people for change and resolution.
    More information Here.EMI takes place in a light Hypnotic trance that is a drug-free, natural way of enhancing your health and wellbeing and helping you make deep positive change that requires an average or 3-5 sessions for most people.Books by Yildiz

    My latest book is about Rapid Core Healing and is available for therapists and clients alike. To see the Synopsis or Preview or to buy go to my sister site

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  • If you can change your mind you can change your life.
    The mind is powerful and mostly under utilised by many of us.

    Yildiz is an expert in Personal development and change and the author or two Number One Best Selling books on
     For more information see Yildiz Sethi or
    her Amazon author profile

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