Weight Loss

Weight loss with Virtual Gastric Banding  (VGB) with the use of Hypnosis/hypnotherapy  –  4 sessions package  $720.

Did you know that you can lose weight by using Hypnosis – you don’t have to diet. Are you:

  • Having a hard time shedding those excess Kilos?
  • Finding it difficult to get back into shape?
  • Tired of diet and diet plans?
  • Tired of weight loss programs that do not give you your desired figure and results?
  • Are you hooked on a food (e.g. chocolate) and can’t stop eating it?
  • Do you suffer from comfort eating and/or over eating?

Try a more subtle, relaxing and Effective approach to weight loss with hypnotherapy.

  1.  Instead of another diet, make Virtual Gastric Banding through Hypnosis (Hypnotherapy) your choice.
  2.  This is a great new effective process that is non-invasive in 4 sessions with positive results for most without dieting.
  3.  This process deals with cravings and helps you to change your ideas and beliefs around food and is suitable for those who are really committed to change.

Lap band surgery has a 70-90% success rate compared to hypnotic VGB 95% success rate.

Speak to us to see if this program is suitable for you. Conditions for suitability apply.

What is Virtual Gastric Banding ?

It is as if you have really been fitted with a lap band making your stomach smaller, so that you feel fuller with smaller quantites of food. Further information

There is no surgery and it is not a diet. It does involve healthy balanced eating and cutting out junk food and putting moderate regular exercise into your life style. Hypnosis can help you deal with food cravings so that it is an easy process. Easier than normal dieting.

You will need to commit to a small amount of exercise of your choice.

Virtual Gastric Banding Process

You will be provided with a Cd to listen to each day  on the first session and a second CD on the second session to keep you on track while your mind neural pathways adapt to the deep psychological changes that by 4 weeks later becomes a new pattern that you can maintain.

More Information on Virtual Gastric Banding:

Sheila Granger UK has been spreading the VGB 4 session Hypnotic techniques through out UK USA and Australia. She has used the work of Martin and Marion Shirran of Spain and the development of the program called VGB (Virtual Gastric Banding).

Research has shown that diets don’t work as it is impossible to maintain strict diets permanently.  This is often unrealistic and restrictive in denying treats or normal socialising. VGB costs only the cost of 4 hypnotherapy sessions compared to $10000-$15000 that also involve the risks of anaesthetics and the surgery itself.



I use Virtual Gastric Band System

Yildiz Sethi did her training in Virtual Gastric Banding with Sheila Granger UK.

Yildiz Sethi is available for VGB in Wynnum Qld

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