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Deepac Chopra drew attention t0 the existence of the                        Mind- Body connection and the need to include Mind Body   Spirit aspects of being human in considering your health.

Your mind, including values, beliefs, emotions and lifestyle  has a direct effect on your health and wellbeing.

We advise you to take appropriate expert medical advice in looking after your physical health and we can assist you in looking after your mind and personal growth and personal development.
At Brisbane Hypnotherapy we can help you make appropriate psychological or emotional changes to maintain or promote optimum health as a unique individual.
There is no doubt that health is very much influenced by your luck in the genes you inherit.  However, how you manage your health and your choice of life style and mindset can greatly influence your wellbeing which in return can also be positively managed with the aid of hypnosis and therapy.
Your health may be damaged by worry, stress, tension or anxiety.
 So whether you have basic good health or are managing diagnosed health issues, you can do a lot to help improve your health and well being through hypnotism.
At Brisbane Hypnotherapy I will help you make the most of your health and wellbeing using hypnosis to help you boost your motivation and develop healthy patterns.
Change your mind and you can change your life. Hypnotherapy can assist you in:

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