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Some measure of anxiety is normal and natural. For most people this is in the background  and only becomes strong when danger or stress is imminent and then it subsides when it is over. However for others the feelings of anxiety, palpitations and stress are a constant presence, even in periods where there are no stressors or dangers. This may make you feel edgy and wired up, which can be exhausting for your nerves and disrupt your sleep.
Anxiety comes in many forms:
  • It may be something you have had as long as you can remember;
  • It may go through your family tree;
  • It may be something that comes and goes for no apparent reason;
  • It may have started at a specific event in your life;
  • It may occur in specific situations;
  • You may not be able to remember when it started.
Hypnotherapy can be very effective at helping you reduce your level of anxiety to a more normal range.

Phobia and Panic Attack

It’s often hard to know why some people develop phobias or panic attack and others do not. Phobias may develop over a wide range of objects or situation. Hypnotherapy and hypnosis can significantly help you eliminate or reduce phobia’spranic attack.
Anxiety may often occur by itself or be accompanied by fear, or panic attacks or such things as phobias and depression.
Here at Brisbane Hypnotherapy, you will be treated as a unique individual and receive effective hypnotherapy, hypnosis and counselling that will help your specific needs. You will need to be prepared to commit to approximately 5 sessions with your hypnotherapist to allow you to make your recovery.

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