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 “I can’t believe how different I feel after just a few sessions. My depression of many years has lifted”. Kate 35  More testimonials

Welcome to Brisbane Hypnotherapy, hypnosis and counselling services in Brisbane.

Hypnotherapy is effective with more than 90% of my clients requiring 1-5 sessions for positive effective change

At Brisbane Hypnotherapy and hypnosis Yildiz provides personally tailored session for you as she is a specialist in hypnotherapy, hypnosis, psychotherapy and relationships.

Yildiz has developed her own effective way to work with you that involves years of practice, training, knowledge and a keen interest to find what works in helping people make the changes they want.

Are you ready to make a change?

If so you are in the right place for effective, professional, fully qualified, experienced help. Yildiz is registered in clinical hypnotherapy, psychotherapy and counselling.

In a hypnotherapy session Yildiz will apply traditional Clinical hypnotherapy and psychotherapy methodologies and also RCH and EMI to suit your requirements.In short,
 you will receive a unique process tailored to your requirement.

If you have problems with:

Advantages of Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy:

  • Changing your mode of thinking can change your life.
  • Letting go of stuck or repressed emotions can give you emotional freedom and resilience.
  • Positive Change

Please Note that change requires commitment.

Yildiz is registered with:

  • (ACA) Australian Counselling Association and
  • (AHA) Australian Hypnotherapy Association and has 16 years experience in psychotherapy and clinical hypnotherapy.

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Australian Counselling Association

Australian Counselling Association




Yildiz Sethi‘s Qualifications: Master Applied Soc Science (Counselling), Dip Clinical Hypnotherapy
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Phone Now for a Free no obligation short discussion of your needs and suitability for this approach on 0412 172 300 in Brisbane for all of your hypnosis, hypnotherapy relationship and psychotherapy needs. Health rebates available. See Fees   

Be assured that if she is busy with clients she will call back if you leave a message!